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Apply now on our website and we will connect you with a panel of leading payday lenders in the UK. Your application would be processed immediately and you can expect a response within few hours. The loan decision and cash transfer usually takes less than 24 Hours. You simply need to match the basic eligibility criteria of the lenders and get decision on basis of your loan affordability. The 1 month loan amount is usually calculated on basis of your monthly income and expense ratio. If you have other loan accounts active, you can still get approved for more loans but the approved loan amount might be lower and only possible if you can afford to make timely payments of a new loan.

Depending on your financial situation, you can receive no obligation quotations from multiple lenders that you can compare and select the most suitable deal for you. So, without worrying any further, you can apply for these 1 month loans now and solve your money problems on time.

1 Month Loan Application Process – Quick and Smooth

If you need up to £1000 cash advance, the online 1 month loan application is ideal option for you. While you sit comfortably at your home your loan is processed and cash is transferred directly into your bank account. Even if you spend time in reviewing the quotation the rest of the process is so quick that you can get funds without any delay from the lender's side. The online 1 month loan process is also very simple & secure. No matter what your purpose of borrowing these funds is, your payday loan can get approved within few hours.

  • No documents, paper work or faxing required
  • No meetings or visiting the lender's office
  • Less than perfect credit history can be acceptable
  • Convenient & flexible repayment process via direct debit
  • 100% safe & secure online application

The online application is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So, you can apply whenever you have time and need 1 month loans urgently. The lenders who approve your loan would contact you via phone and email on working days within few hours after you have submitted the application form. Receiving a lending decision means getting no obligation quotations which you can review and take decisions about accepting/rejecting the deal after you have compared your options.

Why choose a 1 month payday loan?

The best part about borrowing a payday loan is its quick decision process. If you are in need of urgent financial help this can be the best option for you. It is also the only most preferred alternative to traditional unsecured loans which last for many months. Usually these 1 month loans are not dependant on credit checks which makes them easy to obtain. These loans are proposed on basis of your current income and expenses. So if you can afford to pay off the loan amount in lump sum within 2-4 weeks (or preferably on your payday) you can get your hands on one of these 1 month loans without any trouble. But even if you can afford the repayments and also have bad credit rating, there are greater chances that your loan would not be approved so easily.

Implications of Non-Payment of 1 month Loan Amount

1 month loans are best suitable for those who can take care of on-time repayments. Any individual not sure about arranging repayments must not borrow these short term payday loans. This is because after you have consumed the loan amount and have no arrangements for making timely repayments, you will be in bigger debt than you actually borrowed. A late payment penalty of around £15 can be charged by the lender in addition to the interest rate and the borrowed loan amount. It is not possible to avoid repayments in any way. Sooner or later you have to make the payments. The more you delay the repayments the more it will hurt your credit rating. The best alternative you can get in case of non timely repayment is that, the lender may offer you a flexible repayment option like loan roll over/extension and more. But these features would also cost you extra.

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